Szijjarto: Terrorists want to destroy European Christian civilisation

An attack on a Christmas market is a clear message that terrorists want to destroy “not only our everyday life but our religion, our culture and European Christian civilisation as a whole”, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Tuesday, the first anniversary of an Islamist terrorist attack committed in Berlin.

Twelve members of six nations lost their lives and another 48 were injured when an Islamic State terrorist who had arrived in Europe as an illegal migrant years earlier drove into the crowd, he said. The attacks against European Christian civilisation are part of a process that must be halted, with all possible steps taken against illegal migration, he said.

Szijjarto emphasised the need to keep the Western Balkan route closed for illegal migrants in the years ahead.

“For this reason, the countries willing to protect their borders and through that the whole of Europe should be assisted, and the best way for that would be speeding up their European integration,”

he said.

On Monday, Szijjarto visited Macedonia, and stressed the importance of border control and support for the country’s integration. On Tuesday, the minister was in Montenegro, where he urged the European Union to speed up accession talks.

Source: MTI

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