Govt official: Most Hungarians oppose the ‘Soros plan’

More than 2 million Hungarians have said “no” to the entirety of the so-called Soros plan in the government’s nationwide public survey, a government official said on Tuesday.

More than 90 percent of the questionnaires sent in by mail have been processed and the results clearly show that Hungarians unanimously reject any plan that aides or encourages immigration, cabinet office state secretary Csaba Domotor told a press conference.

Those who took part in the “National Consultation” survey unanimously rejected the settlement of one million migrants in Europe each year, the redistribution of migrants who have entered Europe among member states as well as the proposal to provide migrants with 9 million forints’ (EUR 28,700) worth of financial aid over their first two years living in the European Union, Domotor said. Further, they stand by protecting Hungary’s fence on its border with Serbia and reject the idea of putting pressure on member states that oppose the relocation of migrants, he added.

Asked about several municipal councils across Hungary having protested civil groups supported by Soros’s Open Society Foundation in recent days, the state secretary said the municipal councils in question had reason to suspect that NGOs backed by the foundation would aide immigration. Domotor said he was not surprised that the municipal councils were using every method at their disposal to resist the migrant relocation plans.

Source and photo: MTI

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