MEPs blast the Orban government

Hungarian news site Pesti Sracok interviewed several left-wing and liberal MEPs at the European Parliament’s last plenary session in Strasbourg this week, asking them mainly about migration.

At a press conference, ALDE vice-chair Sophie in ‘t Veld said that she has full confidence in the Hungarians, because she thinks that just like other European people, Hungarians are willing to welcome refugees and migrants. She added that for seven years, Hungary has a government, which has made its strategy to fester racism and hatred. According to in ‘t Veld, the Orban government is not serving the interest of the people, because those societies are prosperous and free, which are the most diverse ones. “The open societies, not the closed societies”, she explained.

Socialist group leader Gianni Pittella – referring to the mandatory quota plan accepted in 2015 – said he finds it very strange that Hungary can’t afford to welcome a thousand refugees. He stressed that the EU is built on solidarity.

Portuguese MEP Ana Gomes said she finds the parliament’s proposal for the Dublin system’s reform good, sensible and moderate. She called the Hungarian government’s standpoint on migration “outrageous”, adding that the Orban government is “corrupt” and not democratic, because the “oxymoron they preach”, the illiberal democracy doesn’t exist. According to Gomes, a democracy is either liberal, or it’s not a democracy.

Hungary Journal

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