Backlash after govt politician compares Schulz to Hitler

Former socialist Foreign Minister Laszlo Kovacs demands an apology from the Minister Heading the Prime Minister’s Office, Janos Lazar after comparing Martin Schulz to Hitler.

Laszlo Kovacs – who was also Hungary’s European Commissioner from 2004 to 2009 – said that Lazar’s remark was outrageous, and he reminded that him who traveled to Germany a few years ago to speak up for good German-Hungarian relations, when they became tense. Kovacs also reminded Lazar that if Germany will be led again by a grand coalition, then Martin Schulz will be the second strongest figure of the German government, with whom Hungary will have to cooperate with. (The whole letter, in which Kovacs consequently refers to the European Parliament’s former president as “Schultz”, can be read here in Hungarian.)

At his weekly Governmentinfo press conference on Thursday, Lazar said that a statement made by Martin Schulz, the President of the German social democrats whereby he wants a new European Constitution is utterly shocking. The German politician “envisages” a new European federal state which everyone would be required to join by 2025, and those who would fail to do so would be left out. “Hungary was last served an ultimatum such as the one Martin Schulz delivered a few days ago by Adolf Hitler”, he stated.

Viktor Orban’s chief of staff wasn’t the only politician who made a similar comparison that day. Laszlo Surjan, a Hungarian former vice-president of the European Parliament, said Schulz’s aggressiveness was unacceptable, adding “this is the voice that reminds me of Adolf Hitler.” Laszlo Surjan is former welfare minister, a politician of the smaller government party, the Christian Democratic KDNP.

Hungary Journal

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