“Viktor Orban is the past, we are the future”

The strongest opposition Jobbik party held a demonstration on Friday evening to protest against what it called “the evolving dictatorial regime” of Prime Minister Viktor Orban and the State Audit Office’s (ASZ) recent effort “to sideline the party”.

The torch-lit demonstration was held at the headquarters of ruling Fidesz near Heroes Square and attended by 1,000 to 1,500 protesters (according to MTI, but most other press reports mention 2-3 thousand protesters). Several protesters were waving EU flags.

Addressing the event, Jobbik leader Gabor Vona greeted the representatives of civil groups and other parties including Peter Juhasz, leader of opposition Egyutt, and Andras Fekete-Gyor, leader of the Momentum party founded this year. LMP’s politician Peter Ungar also attended the event.

According to Momentum’s chairman, what Orban is doing to eliminate the strongest opposition party, is cowardice.

“Even if we don’t have common ideological basics, we have common national basics, democratics basics, and there are issues which are important for all of us”, Andras Fekete-Gyor said regarding Momentum’s support to Jobbik. He said he never expected Viktor Orban to attack and trying to dissolve Jobbik on a “completely fake basis”.

Peter Juhasz told Jobbik-close N1TV that he never thought he will ever attend a protest organised by Jobbik. “We have been fighting for a long time to keep the Hungarian state working within the framework of the rule of law, because this is not what’s happening”, he said. Juhasz added that they don’t agree with Jobbik’s policies in anyway, they are not attending the protest for Jobbik’s sake, but for democracy, against Fidesz.

Vona said that although the protesters held different views about the world, they were bound together “by the love of freedom”.

The Jobbik leader said “it is not by accident that Viktor Orban always pretends to be a freedom fighter while in reality he is stealing our freedom as a petty and coward thief”.

“But we will not be a servant to either the Turks, the Germans, the Russians or Viktor Orban,” Vona said.

According to Gabor Vona Hungarians have to look into the future, because a 21st century country can only be built together – while Viktor Orban is the master of division.

“Viktor Orban is the past, we are the future”, Jobbik’s chairman said.

He said the prime minister reminds him of a tottering dictator. “Viktor Orban will fall”, he said.

He said that under Orban’s regime “taxpayers’ money has ceased to be public money, the media has lost its freedom, civil groups have lost their independence and now Jobbik, the strongest opposition party, is about to be liquidated”, making reference to an ASZ investigation.

ASZ has accused Jobbik of having accepted over 330 million forints (over EUR 1m) in illegal financing and the party is facing a fine by the watchdog.

Vona said that the motivation behind levying a fine which he earlier said was around 660 million forints was “to sentence democracy to death”.

The Jobbik leader accused the prime minister of being interested in nothing else but “power and soccer”.

Source: Hungary Journal, based on MTI


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