Russian ambassador: We respect Hungary

Russia’s ambassador to Budapest discussed Ukraine’s education law and the Eastern Ukraine conflict, the Olympics, North Korea, Syria and Moscow relations with Washington in an interview with Hungarian weekly Demokrata.

Képtalálat a következőre: „vlagyimir szergejev”Moscow denounces the Ukrainian education law which restricts mother tongue education, Ambassador Vladimir Sergeyev said. He added that, similarly to Hungary, Russia seeks help from the OSCE and the UN. Sergeyev said direct talks with Kiev about issue are unlikely, as there are basically no substantial communication between the two governments, Kiev even considered cutting diplomatic ties. According to the diplomat Ukraine’s government is breaking the Minsk agreements, makes demands which contradict the already accepted road map. Regarding Crimea, he said its “status is clear”, and Moscow’s “more sane Western partners acknowledge that”.

According to Sergeyev Russian-American relations reached an absolute low, and it’s not Moscow’s fault. Regarding Western criticism, he said:

“The West likes us when we are weak. When our economy was in ruins in the 90’s, they praised us for being democratic and open. Then they forgot, almost buried us. And when Russia made its voice heard in the new millennium, they asked how do we Russian dare to speak at all.”

Sergeyev said that Russia would be glad, if the EU was “strong and unified”, “represented the interests of its sovereign member states, and not that of some other interest groups”. Regarding Hungarian-Russian relations he said they’re based on the national interests of the two states. Sergeyev said that Hungarians don’t have to be afraid of “Russian hackers”, as Russia respects Hungary, and cooperates with whom Hungarians elect.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI


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