V4 countries to contribute to Libya border control

Prime ministers of the Visegrad Four countries have agreed to contribute 35 million euros to finance a border control programme in Libya, according to a joint declaration released by the Hungarian prime minister’s office on Thursday.

The funds are aimed to facilitate a border protection programme managed by the Italian government with assistance from the European Commission.

The prime ministers of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia have also offered their cooperation in the implementation of the programme, and voiced their conviction that the migration pressure on Europe could only be eased through protecting the external borders and removing the causes of migration.

The four prime ministers have consulted EC head Jean-Claude Juncker and Paolo Gentiloni, their Italian counterpart, over the matter, the Hungarian prime minister’s office told MTI.

Before flying to Brussels, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban published a short video message on his Facebook page, promising to fight against the mandatory relocation scheme and representing the opinion of 2,3 million Hungarian people, who rejected the “Soros plan” in the national consultation.

After the V4 meeting, Orban published another video message:

“We all know that Hungary is protecting the land border of Europe, and the maritime borders must be protected by Italy. Our personal and national security, and the security of our families depend on this. The future and safety of our children, their security and terror-free life depend on this: will the Hungarians and the Italians be able to defend the external borders of Europe on land and on sea.”

Source: MTI/Facebook
Photo: MTI

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