Lazar: Tusk is right, the quota is ineffective

The Hungarian government agrees with European Council President Donald Tusk that the European Union’s mandatory quota for refugees is “a divisive and ineffective way to handle the migration crisis”, the Hungarian government office chief said at his weekly press conference on Thursday.

Janos Lazar criticised the European Commission for “attacking” Tusk over his remarks. He said the commission had “far exceeded” its scope of authority, adding that people who criticised Tusk were “unable to tackle the crisis”.

Lazar insisted that the government’s position had been “given weight” by the opinion of “2.3 million participants in the National Consultation on George Soros’s plan”.

Govt not to change its standpoint on Jerusalem

The Hungarian government’s view is that the United States has the right to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, while it is not the European Union’s business to judge the US decision but to form its own standpoint on the matter, the government office chief said.

The Hungarian government will not change its standpoint regarding the Middle East in the wake of Washington’s decision, and it will strive to nurture balanced relations with all parties, Janos Lazar said.

Source and photo: MTI

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