ChristDems reject the “united states of Europe”

Hungary’s co-ruling Christian Democrats (KDNP) consider the European Union a federation of nations and oppose the idea of a “united states of Europe as proposed by Martin Schulz”, head of the German SPD party, KDNP group leader Peter Harrach told a press conference on Thursday.

At the press conference, held together with Laszlo Surjan, KDNP’s honorary leader, Harrach insisted that his party was committed to “traditional values of Europe”.
Referring to the German Social Democrat leader’s recent suggestion that EU members rejecting closer cooperation could quit the community, Surjan called Schulz “arrogant” and said that “this tone reminds me of Adolf Hitler and I find it unacceptable”. Creating a united states in Europe by 2025 and forcing opponents out of the community would violate effective European law, he said.

Surjan argued that building a United States-like formation was an idea supported by “politicians without an agenda” and suggested that Hungary’s Ferenc Gyurcsany, former PM and head of the leftist Democratic Coalition, was one such player. What Europe needs is “moral renewal” rather than structural changes, Surjan insisted.

The European Union can only survive on the foundations of European values, and these are none other than Christian civilisation and the fate community of European nations, Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjen said at the conference Our Common Europe held in Budapest on Thursday.

KDNP’s president pointed out: Hungary is merely seeking to defend European identity and European values. We believe in a Christian Europe, we are proud that we have been its shield for a thousand years, and that we continue to be so today. We believe in nations and are proud of our Hungarian identity, he said.

Europe’s defence can only be based on the protection of Christian civilisation, its identity, the existence of nations and sovereign nation states, he highlighted.

Source: MTI/
Photo: MTI


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