The left struggles to find a PM candidate

Hungary’s opposition parties are in a state of “complete chaos”, Gergely Karacsony, the joint PM candidate of the Socialist (MSZP) and Parbeszed (Dialogue) parties, told daily Nepszava on Wednesday.

The majority of Hungarians wants to topple the ruling parties, and the opposition parties are incapable of “fulfilling this wish”, Karacsony said. “This clearly shows we are doing something wrong,” he said. Karacsony said it “made sense” for the largest leftist party and “politicians whom the polls show to be most popular” to run in coalition. He said he hoped for cooperation with the leftist Democratic Coalition and Egyutt parties, despite their rejection of an alliance. “I hope they reconsider their stances,” he said.

MSZP deputy leader Zoltan Gogos confirmed press reports on Tuesday, that the Socialists support making the small liberal party’s co-leader their joint candidate.

Gogos stressed that the Socialists still insist on fielding joint candidates in individual constituencies, drawing up a common national list and putting forward a joint candidate for prime minister in next year’s general election.

Karacsony is scheduled to begin a tour presenting Parbeszed and the Socialists’ joint programme with Agnes Kunhalmi, the Socialist Party’s head in Budapest, in the city of Miskolc next Monday, Gogos said.

On Saturday, Socialist Party leader Gyula Molnar said at a presentation of the party’s programme that Hungarian democracy “has to be defended once again” and that the party should cooperate with Parbeszed.

Ferenc Gyurcsany’s liberal Democratic Coalition (DK) refuses to run in the elections on a joint list with the Socialists, and according to the latest polls, DK alone can form a bigger group in the parliament than MSZP.

A smaller liberal party, Egyutt (Together) ended its cooperation with Dialogue, when Karacsony announced his candidacy.

Source: MTI/Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI


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