Schopflin accuses European liberalism of colonialist arrogance

Liberal elites also have ethnic consciousness, this is why they show strong opposition to the rights of lingustic minorities, Gyorgy Schopflin said in an interview with Hungarian daily Magyar Idok. The ruling Fidesz party’s MEP sees signs of colonialist arrogance in the behaviour of the liberal attitude, which “considers itself supranational and stigmatises any other way of thinking as populism”.
According to Schopflin the recent LIBE debate in the European Parliament about Hungary showed that the European left has “nothing new to say”, and Hungary’s stance hasn’t changed either regarding the mandatory relocation scheme.

Regarding the idea to establish a transnational list for the mandates that used to belong to the UK, Schopflin said that this plan would only help the extremist, strongly eurosceptic forces.

The main reason of the mandatory relocation scheme is the conviction of the European left that there is one, universal humanity and Europe’s future is to mix, dissolve and welcome migrants from the third world, he explained.

Schopflin accused liberal elites of digging their head in the sand. “We can say that the liberal elite doesn’t care about the future of the white working class”, he added.

Hungary Journal
Photo: European Parliament


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