Confident Fidesz lead, in the opposition only Jobbik is still standing

A few months before the elections the ruling Fidesz-KDNP alliance maintains massive lead, Jobbik keeps its second place steadily and the left side can’t influence the elections anymore, according to a recent poll by the Iranytu Institute for Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet.

The poll shows that among decided voters the ruling parties could increase their support a bit, from 49 in October they are now at 50 percent.

Well behind them. Jobbik steadily keeps its second place with 22 percent.

Left wing parties lost support or are stagnating. Among decided voters the Socialist Party (MSZP) has lost its third place, the party of former Socialist prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsany, the Democratic Coalition (DK) has overcome them. But even this is only 8 percent, while MSZP is at 7 percent. The same number was measured for the green LMP party too.

Among all voters the order is the same: the poll shows that Fidesz-KDNP is confidently leading with 34 percent. Jobbik is on the second place with 17 percent, and well behind them MSZP and DK at 6-6 percent, LMP at 5 percent.

According to Iranytu’s poll in November 13 percent of the voters are still undecided (12 percent last month), and 6 percent didn’t want to answer.

Hungary Journal

Photo: MTI


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