Scandal growing around the Fidesz politician accused of anti-semitism

The scandal continues to mount regarding a lawmaker of the ruling party, Janos Pocs, who a few days ago posted a photo on his Facebook page made at a pig slaughter. People are smiling over a slain, charred pig. On the dead animal it was inscribed: “This was Soros!!!”
“The Facebook joke shared by Janos Pocs is anti-semitic incitement, reminds of the darkest time of history”, philosopher and theologian Gyorgy Gabor wrote in his statement. He reminded that such declarations lead to death camps.

“(…) his act clearly proves where does the hate speech incited by the ruling parties for years leads to, what while reactions it fuels, and what kind of inhuman statements it releases” – stressed the theologian, who started a petition for Janos Pocs’s immediate resignation.

Almost 120 renowned authors, artists, philosophers and theologians joined the petition. Among them Robert Schwartz, head of the Jewish community in Kolozsvar (Cluj, Romania), film director Ildiko Enyedi, authors Gyorgy Konrad and Gyorgy Spiro and pianist Andras Schiff.

On the photo, Pocs’s friends were clearly referring to George Soros, though Pocs later denied that this would be the case. The international press picked up the story and several outlets thought that the photo is inciting anti-semitic sentiments.

Fidesz group leader Gergely Gulyas told Hungarian channel ATV, “I don’t feel like I should get involved in this”. According to the politician critics are misinterpreting the issue. Prime Minister Viktor Orban briefly told Hir Tv that “pig slaughters are not in the government’s competence”.

Hungary Journal


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