Lawmakers reject EP decision on migration

Parliament adopted on Tuesday a resolution proposed by ruling Fidesz rejecting the European Parliament’s November 16 decision on mandatory quotas on the relocation of asylum seekers.
The resolution was adopted with 142 votes in favour and 3 against. The Socialists, the leftist Democratic Coalition and green LMP did not vote. Jobbik voted yes, three independents voted no.

Fidesz deputy head Szilard Nemeth told a press conference after the vote that it had made it clear that “the entire left wing has lined up behind the Soros plan”. The vote showed clearly who supports the “Soros plan” and who defends Hungary’s interests and the country’s sovereignty, Nemeth insisted. Jobbik “denies the existence of the Soros plan one day and admits it the next”, Nemeth said, “which is what happened in the vote”.

Fidesz group leader Gergely Gulyas explained at a press conference that the mandatory relocation quotas included in the EP’s resolution fit into the “Soros plan”, but are against Hungary’s national interest and the opinion of the majority.

The main opposition party’s lawmaker Gabor Staudt told a press conference that his party “has always been anti-immigration”. Staudt stressed that Jobbik agrees with 95% of the resolution against the “Soros plan”, adding that they see no written indication that the European Parliament would indeed implement that plan. He added that while Fidesz wants to make the impression that the whole opposition is pro-immigration, Jobbik supported the resolution. Jobbik proposed to include the rejection of the residency bond programme and to exclude the reference to the “Soros plan” (“because it doesn’t matter whose plan is used to relocate people”), but both were rejected.

Source: Hungary Journal/MTI
Photo: MTI

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