Fidesz can cross the red line, from where there’s no return

At least this what Andras Schiffer thinks, the lawyer who used to be the co-chair and group leader of green opposition LMP. In his op-ed released on Hungary’s most read new site he wrote: Fidesz is using the State Audit Office against the strongest opposition party, Jobbik. 

Previously, the State Audit Office (ASZ) accused the party of accepting over 330 million forints (over EUR 1m) in illegal financing. Jobbik was expecting a fine of 660 million forints, which would deplete the party’s campaign budget, according to its leading politicians. In a tv interview, Jobbik chairman Gabor Vona called Prime Minister Viktor Orban a “corrupt despot”, and told him that Jobbik is not afraid of him.

According to Schiffer, from a legal point of view, neither the guarantees of a fair process and judicial remedy is ensured for Jobbik, which is against the constitution. He wrote:

“ASZ’s substantive decision is weak from a legal point of view”.


The lawyer warned:

“If the government is undermining any opposition party with measurable support and parliamentary representation from running in the elections by illegal, administrative means, it crosses a red line, from where there’s no return”.

Schiffer already indicated that he joins the demonstration on Friday organised by Jobbik, in front of the Fidesz headquarters in Lendvai street, Budapest.


Jobbik wrote in the invitation of the Facebook event:

“On December 15 we are holding a torch demonstration in front of Fidesz’s headquarters in Lendvai street. Come and let’s together against the growing Orban dictatorship!”.

Green party LMP and Momentum also join the demonstration. According to press information LMP’s full presidium plans to attend, while Momentum thinks that currently standing by Jobbik means standing by the rule of law and democratic values, so they are coming as well.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI


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