Trocsanyi: Cooperation with EC “not completely reassuring”

Hungary’s cooperation with the European Commission is “not completely reassuring”, Justice Minister Laszlo Trocsanyi said on Monday during an annual hearing before parliament’s European affairs committee.

The EC has given very short deadlines for the Hungarian government’s responses in certain matters and some important issues have been overly politicised, the minister said. Despite this, Hungary has maintained high standards in its responses, he added.
While some issues were surrounded by “hysteria”, the majority of topics have been characterised by completely normal course of action.

The EC’s attempts to pressurise Hungary have raised questions concerning fair procedure, the right to defence and double standards, Trocsanyi said.

He cited the issue of the socially sensitive Europe as a matter that requires special attention. “We want to avoid legislation by stealth” because there is a danger that issues concerning competitiveness shift to community level.

Commenting on the Ukrainian education law, he said pressure must be maintained in order to get the law amended because failure to do so would cause the 150,000-member ethnic Hungarian community to “effectively perish”. The law is characterised by an “anti-Russian approach” but it also violates the interests of ethnic Hungarians, Romanians and Greeks, he said.

Source and photo: MTI

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