Orban reacted to the Soros “pig scandal”

Last week a lawmaker of the ruling Fidesz party posted a photo of a slain pig with George Soros’s name written on it. Journalists asked the prime minister about it.

“Pig slaughter is not in the government’s competence,”

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban answered briefly, when HirTv asked him in the parliament on Monday.

At a press conference on Sunday, Minister of State for Government Communication Bence Tuzson didn’t wish to comment it either.

Last week, Janos Pocs posted a photo which depicts some residents of Hungarian town Jaszivany pose in a small town in Transylvania (Romania), smiling over a charred and slain pig. On the dead animal it was inscribed:

“This was Soros!!!”

The ruling party’s politician wrote in the caption:

“People from Jaszivany have just sent this photo from our twin city in Transylvania. There’s one less pig over there…:) Bon appetit!”

Pocs defended himself by saying that it wasn’t him who made the photo, but his friends sent it from a joyful pig slaughter. The Fidesz politician claimed the writing on the pig “has nothing to do” with George Soros, because according to him it refers to the expression when the farmer goes to the sty to decide “whose turn it is” for the slaughter (who is “soros”, in Hungarian).

American news agency Bloomberg covered the story entitled “Hungarian Ruling Party Lawmaker Mocks Soros With Image of Dead Pig”. After Bloomberg Associated Press also covered it (though they wrote about Open Society Foundations’ reaction), and it was also featured on New York Times, Miami Herald and several other American outlets.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI


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