Government prepares measures against ‘Soros plan’ – Rogan

The Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister will prepare measures by January’s government meeting with the aim to thwart the “Soros plan”, cabinet office chief Antal Rogan said on Monday during a hearing before parliament’s justice committee.

In response to opposition criticism, he presented notarial deeds which he said clearly and credibly demonstrated that 2,171,500 “National Consultation” survey questionnaires had been received by the postal service by December 5. Together with online forms, nearly 2.3 million people expressed their opinions through the survey, he added.

Already in the initial phase of processing the questionnaires it is clear that the majority of people reject the “Soros plan” on migration and the attempts to restrict Hungary’s sovereignty. As a result, steps need to be prepared to thwart the plan in Hungary and in the European Union, Rogan said.

Deputies of the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance submitted a draft decree to parliament to counter the European Parliament’s “decision to implement the Soros plan” on Monday.

Christian Democrat MP Istvan Hollik told a press conference that the decree would demonstrate “parliament’s rejection to accelerate the influx of immigrants and their relocation in groups”. Hollik said that parliament’s adopting the decree would also be equal to the national assembly’s rejecting that “Brussels should transfer competencies to pro-migration Soros agencies”. Hollik voiced hope that parliament would have a vote on the bill on Tuesday.

Source and photo: MTI

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