Traditionally good relations with Japan

Japan’s and Hungary’s relations are traditionally good, and it would be fortunate timing, if Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited Hungary during the country’s Visegrad Group presidency, Japan’s outgoing ambassador Kosuge Junichi told Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet on Friday.

Kosuge Junichi told Magyar Nemzet that “Japan wants to further deepen cooperation with Hungary on security and other global issues”. He reminded tht Japanese investment began in Hungary already in 1991 with Suzuki, and today there are 156 Japanese companies working in Hungary, giving job to 34.000 people.

The ambassador says that the two countries agree on fundamental values, and want to cooperate deeper than before to maintain the international order based on the rule of law.

According to Magyar Nemzet’s information Japanese PM Shinzo Abe might visit Hungary during the country’s presidency in the Visegrad Group. Kosuge Junichi said that this cooperation is very important for Japan, so the timing would indeed be fortunate. He said Japan respects the region’s 16+1 cooperation with China, but Japan’s relations with the Visegrad Four have nothing to do with that.

Hungary Journal

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