The Soros book’s author doesn’t want to talk about Soros anymore

Andreas von Retyi doesn’t want to add fuel to the fire. “Two years ago, after a long investigative work and writing two books about George Soros I decided not to give any more interviews on this topic”, the German author told Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet.

The parliamentary group of Fidesz recently purchased 5000 copies for 13 million forints of the book “George Soros – The multi-billionaire’s global network and the end of the world as we know it”.

Regarding the government’s anti-Soros campaign, Retyi told Magyar Nemzet that he doesn’t want to talk about it neither to the German press or others.

“I don’t want to add fuel to the fire, because it would only make the situation worse, instead of correcting or specifying what’s written,” he wrote. Despite knowing about the strong anti-Soros campaign, he was surprised that the Hungarian government is interested in his book. Retyi said he hasn’t been following the millionaire’s actions for two years, and focuses rather on his work as a science journalist.

Earlier, Retyi have been writing about UFOs and conspiracy theories, in order to “entertain”. He was the editor-in-chief for a German magazine focusing on astronomy and space research, and also wrote books about astronomy. For two years, his main topic have been the “alternative” cures to cancer.

Fidesz spokesman Janos Halasz said earlier that they ordered copies of the Soros-book, becase it uncovers the links within the “Soros empire”, and the ruling party wants more people to read it.

Hungary Journal
Photo: Youtube

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