“Listen Viktor, you corrupt despot”

Desperate and brutal election campaign is expected in Hungary. The biggest opposition party Jobbik accuses the government of influencing the State Audit Office’s investigation, what would fine the party 662 million forints, making it uncertain whether the party can run in the elections at all. Other opposition parties consider the investigation’s result as part of dismantling democracy, and suspect the government is behind it.

Jobbik starts a fundraising and might even ask the people to come to the streets, Jobbik’s chairman and prime minister candidate Gabor Vona said in Hungarian tv channel HírTV’s Thursday evening programme.

“This is now a freedom fight, people have to fight for being able to make decisions,” he said. It’s a proof that “Viktor Orban doesn’t like democracy”, he added.

Vona sent a message to Orban via the television:

“Listen Viktor, you corrupt despot! If you think I’m afraid of you or we are afraid of you, you’re mistaken. I’m not afraid of you, Jobbik is not afraid of Fidesz and I see that the people are not afraid either. You have to be afraid! You thought that 2017 will be the year of rebellion, but you were wrong. 2018 will be the year of rebellion, people who want to replace the government will overthrow you and call you to account. So get prepared for this please”.

“We have stepped into a new era,” Jobbik MP Marton Gyongyosi told Politico on Thursday. “We have not seen anything like this over the past 27 years … It is clearly an attempt to prevent Jobbik from running in the election.” “We won’t have money to publish campaign materials, to rent places for forums, to buy advertising,” he said, adding that the State Audit Office did not follow normal procedures and prevented Jobbik officials from submitting certain documents relevant for the investigation. Jobbik is currently seen as the ruling Fidesz party’s most serious opposition, Politico reminded.

“Jobbik’s leadership expected something like this, but that doesn’t mean they could prepare for it,” said a person with knowledge of Jobbik’s internal workings, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “The campaign continues, the party won’t give up its fight … Jobbik supporters are angry, and this unprecedented attack can activate its members and voter base.”

Jobbik MEP Zoltan Balczo wrote in a statement that “the Fidesz government has crossed the Rubicon in eliminating the rule of law”, by using the State Audit Office to undermine its strongest political opponent.

Hungary Journal


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