Orban govt to end democracy in Hungary

At least according to the biggest opposition party, Jobbik. Their participation in next year’s parliamentary election has become “doubtful”, group leader Janos Volner told a press conference on Wednesday.

Earlier in the day, the State Audit Office (ASZ) accused the party of accepting over 330 million forints (over EUR 1m) in illegal financing.

The party has accepted no questionable funding from organisations or private individuals, Volner said. He stressed that in light of the charge the party was expecting a fine of 660 million forints, which would deplete the party’s campaign budget.

“What happened today equals to the first steps of banning and clearing away Jobbik,”

the group leader said. Volner called the events the lowest political situation in Hungary since the fall of socialism. He explained that with this move, Fidesz would basically take away all financial sources that Jobbik could have used for winning the elections – and did this with the state administration that serves the interests of the party state.

The Audit Office, “which is now headed by a former Fidesz lawmaker”, has barred Jobbik from submitting the requested data ahead of the deadline, then accused the party of keeping it secret, Volner insisted. The body refused to receive the documents on paper afterwards, and made its conclusions without knowledge of them and established the total “randomly”, he said.

The whole Hungarian opposition denounced that Fidesz is using the State Audit Office for goals of party politics.

“It’s unacceptable that the State Audit Office, led by a former MP of the ruling party, has also joined the campaign and fined Jobbik sevel hundred million forints”,

green party LMP wrote in a statement.

Socialist MEP Istvan Ujhelyi doesn’t agree on anything with Jobbik, but even he voiced his discontent on his Facebook page:

“(…) what the Fidesz government, using the State Audit Office, is doing or trying to do now, reminds of the darkest times. This is the dictatoric tempo of Putin and Erdogan. They try to eliminate Jobbik by force today, and will try to do the same to other parties tomorrow. (…)”

Opposition party Együtt (Together) stressed they are “worlds apart” from Jobbik, but they still think it’s unacceptable, and the fulfilment of Hungarian illiberal repression, that the State Audit Office tries to undermine Jobbik.

After the hearing on the rule of law in Hungary at the European Parliament’s LIBE committee, Jobbik MEP Zoltan Balczo wrote in a statement that “the Fidesz government has crossed the Rubicon in eliminating the rule of law”, by using the State Audit Office to undermine its strongest political opponent.

Hungary Journal

Photo: MTI

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