National consultation breaks record

“The most successful National Consultation ever came to an end last week, breaking all previous participation records”, Government Spokesperson Zoltan Kovacs said at a press conference in Budapest on Tuesday citing final postal statistics.

2,332,755 questionnaires were returned before the extended deadline, 2,154,264 of which arrived in printed form, while a further 178,490 people filled out the National Consultation questionnaire on the Soros Plan via the internet, the government spokesperson explained.

“It concerned issues that were not only related to the Soros Plan, but also to immigration and illegal migration in general”, Kovacs added, informing reporters that the processing of the content of the questionnaires will also be completed within a few days.

The spokesperson highlighted the fact that the week’s events, such as the hearing by the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE), which will be attended by Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto, make the intensity with which those in Brussels are trying to “steamroll and force” governments and political powers that are against immigration to change their minds “as clear as day”.

“Naturally, we are not partners in this”, Kovacs declared, underlining the fact that the LIBE hearing is in itself proof of the fact that there is a “peculiar witch-hunt going on with relation to the upcoming Soros report”.

“With relation to the Soros organisations and the implementation of the Soros Plan, it is absolutely obvious that this hearing will be about”, the spokesperson said.

Photo: MTI

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