“Orban is a political prostitute”

Miklos Radvanyi, Vice President of International Policy at Frontiers of Freedom published a highly critical open letter to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on the Straight Talk USA blog.

Hungarian-born Radvanyi writes that he’s “concerned about the steadily deteriorating domestic conditions in Hungary and the reckless foreign policy that you pursue against the fundamental interests of NATO, the European Union, and the entire Hungarian nation”.

After recalling episodes of Orban’s political career, he claims that Orban “scattered the political reforms of the last quarter century and pushed the poisonous ideology of exclusive nationalism”. Radvanyi even draws a parallel between contemporary Hungary and “Mussolini’s fascist state, Hitler’s national socialist empire, and Stalin’s gulag economy”.

“In foreign affairs you have turned yourself into the political prostitute of the European Union. While the European Union’s financial contributions have provided the life support needed to keep the economy above water, you have attacked the “imperial rule” of Brussels on a daily basis. Using the Hungarian minorities in the neighboring countries as political pawns, you have tried to divide the member states of the European Union along racial and ethnic lines. Simultaneously, you have made highly publicized overtures to the Russian President Vladimir Putin, in order to justify your dictatorial regime at home,”

– he writes.

Hungarian liberal weekly Magyar Narancs calls Radvanyi “a man of Trump”, an intellectual in the circles of the American president. Based on information that can be found online, neither Radvanyi, nor Frontiers of Freedom bears much significance in Washington DC.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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