Fidesz hails ‘record’ participation in national survey

Some 2.3 million Hungarians have answered the government’s questions in the latest “National Consultation” survey, the communications director of ruling Fidesz told a press conference on Sunday.

Balazs Hidveghi thanked all participants who had “taken the time to give an opinion on the Soros plan” and returned the questionnaires or answered questions over the internet.

Hidveghi said that the “huge participation beating all records” was indicative of “a cause above political parties” and warned the opposition against “attacking” the survey, which he referred to as a forum “for people to freely express their opinion”.

Hidveghi insisted that in recent weeks “overwhelming forces” were at work to “silence the Hungarian people”, and went on to say that it was “obvious” that US billionaire George Soros had “entered the fight”. He also accused Soros of interference with Hungary’s upcoming election and argued that “Soros’s organisations” have opened offices outside Budapest.

“Soros seeks to clear the government from his way because of its firm stance against his pro-immigration views,”

– Hidveghi said. Soros and “his allies in Brussels” have launched an “orchestrated attack against the National Consultation and the Hungarian government’s stance,” he insisted.

Hidveghi also lambasted the opposition for “denying the (existence of) the Soros plan” while they support “all proposals in Brussels that seek to enact Soros’s actual recommendations”. The opposition parties “seek to discredit” the survey because “they support migration” and “they don’t want people to give their opinion on the subject”. Answering a question, Hidveghi said that processing the questionnaires would take a few days and the final number of participants would be announced in the middle of next week.

Source: MTI
Photo: Youtube

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