No Soros plan? Hungarian authorities don’t investigate

While the Hungarian government started a national consultation about the alleged Soros plan, from several billions of taxpayers’ money, and is accusing George Soros of plotting against the state, the National Bureau of Investigation (NNI) decided there’s no reason to start an investigation into this case – Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet was informed on Tuesday.

Previously, the biggest opposition party Jobbik’s spokesman, Adam Mirkoczki turned to the policy, arguing that based on the statements of top politicians of the ruling Fidesz party and government members, “George Soros is a person who is particularly dangerous to the Hungarian state’s sovereignty”.

The Jobbik politician said he did this to finally clarify the ruling party’s hysterical statements and campaign (which is anti-semitic according to many), with which they are scaremongering. The NNI rejected his complaint, and rebutted one by one the arguments which suggest that the Hungarian born American billionaire, the government’s number one enemy George Soros is plotting to violently overthrow Hungary’s state.

According to the NNI, in his articles quoted by the ruling parties, George Soros only told his opinion about a certain phenomena, namely about migration, and this doesn’t have to be considered as “preparation for a violent, threatening action”. He made his proposals primarily to the EU, he didn’t make orders which would directly concern Hungary. They examined whether Soros – in connection with migration – is inciting others to engage in violent or threatening behaviour, but so far his publications didn’t raise the suspicion of such crime.

Furthermore – as it can be read in the police report – Soros didn’t claim that the Open Society Foundations (referred to as “Open Social Policy Center” in the report for some reason) or any other organisation of his was created to disrupt or threaten Hungary’s constitutional order. The government’s statements mention political goals against Hungary, but these statements “reflect the opinions and subjective conclusions of the officials”.

In his complaint, Mirkoczi mentioned that according to the above mentioned statements of Fidesz officials, George Soros might be involved in organising or even leading mass riots in Hungary, which raises the suspicion of treason, harming the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Hungary. But the NNI didn’t think it’s necessary to investigate into this claim.

According to the Jobbik politician now the government and the ruling Fidesz-KDNP alliance has a written proof from its own investigative authority that they are lying. Hungarian news agency MTI later reported that Mirkoczki is bringing charges for scaremongering against Fidesz politicians and government members who have been actively participating in the “social brainwash” about the Soros plan.

“We can see the brainwashing of ten million people, and we finally have to end it,” Jobbik’s spokesman said, adding that it seems irreversible social processes have started, with unknown level of hate between people.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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