Fidesz: Wikström report more dangerous than any previous EP resolution

The ruling Fidesz party will initiate a parliamentary debate about a recent resolution passed by the European Parliament which the party believes paves the way for the implementation of the “Soros plan”, spokesman of the party group Janos Halasz said on Sunday.

The “pro-migrant” resolution passed with support from “the allies of [US financier] George Soros and the Hungarian left” is more dangerous than any previous EP resolution, Halasz told a press conference.

Halasz was referring to the EP’s decision on November 17 to endorse its mandate to start negotiations with the European Commission about the reform of the Dublin rules. This also means that the parliament supported Swedish liberal MEP Cecilia Wikström’s report.

It includes a migrant settlement quota without an upper limit, the automatic distribution of migrants entering the European Union, the legalisation of economic migration, expanded and accelerated family reunification, the inclusion of “Soros-type NGOs” in international procedures, the narrowing of national powers and the punishment of countries that reject “forced settlement”, he said. These elements of the resolution are all in the “Soros plan” and it is obvious that there is an attempt to force it through Brussels decision-makers and the member states, he added.

Halasz said some MEPs believe that those member states that do not agree with the resolution should just simply be ignored and forced to implement it. The parliament elected by the Hungarian people has every right to form an opinion, Halasz said, adding that every lawmaker should make his or her position clear about the EP resolution.

Source: MTI
Photo: Nepszava

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