Hungary helps in Nigeria

A delegation of the Hungarian government signed a document of support in Nigeria.

Ambassador of the Hungary Helps programme, Peter Heltai, Deputy State Secretary for Aiding Persecuted Christians, Tristan Azbej and the Migration Research Institute’s Director, Balazs Orban paid a visit to Nigeria to sign an agreement and to attend the inauguration of Hungary’s new embassy in Abuja.

The delegation signed a document of support about rebuilding three schools and a hospital on the former territory of Boko Haram in Nigeria.

According to the Ministry of Human Capacities, Hungary helps the reconstruction of four schools and one hospital in Nigeria’s Maiduguri diocese with 420M HUF. Minister Zoltan Balog told Hungarian news agency, that Oliver Dashe Doeme, Bishop of the Nigerian diocese of Maiduguri visited Hungary in July and asked Prime Minister Viktor Orban for help. Half of Nigeria’s population is Christian, with many of them threatened by continuing attacks from the terrorist organisation Boko Haram. They are being driven from their homes, and their houses, schools, churches and hospitals are being destroyed.

During their visit, Heltai posted a video, in which Nigerian priest Esiobu Anayo Augustus talks about the sufferings of Christians under Boko Haram and the importance of the Hungarian aid.

Hungary Journal

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