No need for new border fence

Hungary would only begin extending the fence on its border with Serbia or build a new one along another section of its border if the flow of illegal migrants were to shift to the Romanian or the Ukrainian border sections, the prime minister’s internal security advisor said on Thursday.

But for now there is no indication that this would be the case, Gyorgy Bakondi told public news channel M1, adding that controls along Hungary’s borders with Romania and Ukraine were effective thanks to cooperation with those countries’ border authorities.

“We didn’t build the border fence out of joy but rather in the interest of keeping Hungary’s population safe,”

– Bakondi said.

He said that although migration pressure on Europe has been down compared with the levels it reached two years ago, the Balkan route is under constant pressure. Currently some 80,000 migrants are estimated to be residing somewhere along that route and they are constantly being joined by migrant groups that had been stranded on the Greek islands, he added.

Thousands of migrants attempt to cross the Hungarian border as well, he noted. If it were not for the border fence, they would pass through the country to head on to western Europe, Bakondi said.

The PM’s advisor said Hungary would like to see the European Union demonstrate greater solidarity regarding its situation, arguing that while the fences built by Bulgaria, Spain, Greece and France had been deemed “good fences” by EU leaders, Hungary’s has received criticism.

Source: MTI

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