Deadline of ‘Soros survey’ to be extended

The ruling Fidesz party has asked the government to extend the deadline for responding to the public survey dubbed as “National Consultation” on the so-called Soros plan by one week, a Fidesz spokesman said on Thursday.

The deadline is only set to expire on Friday, but already a record 1.7 million people have expressed their opinions on the “Soros plan”, Janos Halasz told a press conference.

Although responses are still coming in, Fidesz wants to give everyone a chance to voice their opinions, which is why the party has asked the government to extend the deadline until December 1, he said.

“The more of us say no to the Soros plan, the stronger we will be,”

Halasz added.

“We need as many people as possible in order to protect Hungary from the relocation of migrants and the frontal assault [US financier] George Soros has launched against our country for the sole reason that we don’t want to become an immigrant country,”

he said.

Halasz insisted that Soros had personally launched an attack against Hungary. Soros “is attacking the National Consultation with his accusations, lies and threats,” Halasz added.

“He has announced that he would launch a campaign against the country for which he had bought a media platform. He has hounded his allies in Brussels and the Soros organisations onto us and according to press reports, their representatives will soon travel to the United States to discredit Hungary there,”

the spokesman insisted.

The attacks against Hungary will include pressurising the country at the European Union budget talks, a hearing in Brussels on the transparency of “the Soros organisations” and further “statements and hit pieces condemning the Orban government”, Halasz said.

Meanwhile the implementation of the “Soros plan” is under way, he said. Halasz said the European Parliament plenary recently approved amendments to the Dublin refugee system on the automatic and mandatory redistribution of migrants among member states without an upper limit, the imposition of penalties on member states that reject the migrant relocation scheme, and the “inclusion of Soros-affiliated civil groups in asylum procedures”. Further, the amendments would speed up the reunification of migrant families, he added.

Source and photo: MTI

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