Szijjarto: Soros’ attack gets new impetus

As the 2018 Hungarian general elections approaches, US financier George Soros is ratcheting up his attacks against Hungary, the foreign minister said at a press conference on Wednesday.

The government is pursuing independent policies which fully represent the interests of the Hungarian people, and this will be the case as long as it remains in power, Peter Szijjarto said at the press event held on another subject.

“Soros’s interests are the opposite of [these interests] and his plan has brought mass migration to Europe,”

he added.

Referring to the government’s “National Consultation” public survey, he said the government relied on the help of Hungarians. The more people participate in the survey and the broader its political support, the better the government can act in the interests of the country, he added.

The minister said the extent to which Soros supported civil organisations backing migration and the “pomp” with which he is received in Brussels “should be looked into”. Hungary would not be safe today if Soros’s interests were fulfilled, he said.

‘Soros makes life difficult for families’

US financier George Soros has “tossed hundreds of thousands of Hungarian families in a difficult situation”, the spokesman of ruling Fidesz told a press conference on Wednesday.

Imre Puskas insisted that at the time of the global economic crisis Soros had launched an attack against Hungary’s OTP Bank “seeking to weaken the bank through stock exchange manoeuvres”, as a result of which he made “hundreds of millions”. Those financial manoeuvres “jeopardised Hungary’s forex debtors”, Puskas went on, and said that the supervisory authority over Hungarian banks had

“established deliberate wrongdoing and fined Soros nearly 500 million forints”.

Puskas also said that the “Soros plan” and “Soros’s open society” were also aimed at “destroying others”. He insisted that Soros and his supporters “seek to flood Europe with migrants to weaken nation states” in an effort to create a central power in Europe which in turn “would support speculators and Soros could further increase his wealth”.

Answering a question suggesting that Soros had changed his early views, Puskas said that the billionaire has

“confirmed his position, even if he is now talking about accommodating an annual 300,000 migrants rather than 1 million.”

Source and photo: MTI

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