Chinese PM to visit Hungary

China’s Prime Minister Li Keqiang attends the sixth meeting of heads of government of China-Central and Eastern European Countries in Budapest next week.

According to Xinhua, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang made the announcement on Monday, saying the tour is being made at the invitation of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Concerning China-CEE cooperation, Lu said the meeting in Hungary coincides with the fifth anniversary of the establishment of China’s cooperation with the 16 CEE countries. During these five years, cooperation between the countries have achieved tangible progress in connectivity, trade, economy, finance, industrial capacity and cultural exchanges.

Lu said that China expects the upcoming China-CEE meeting to map out the future cooperation direction and steps on the basis of previous experience, and to advance China-Europe ties.

The Minister Heading the Hungarian Prime Minister’s Office, Janos Lazar informed the press last Thursday that Budapest will host a China-Central Europe summit on the extension of economic cooperation on 26 and 27 November which will also be attended by the Chinese Prime Minister.

Lazar stressed: the countries of the region are aspiring to enter into extensive economic relations with the Far East country that now accounts for an ever larger percentage of the world’s GDP.

The minister said: in addition to trade policy, the parties are also seeking to cooperate in the field of development policy, and this is where the details of the Budapest-Belgrade railway line project, too, will be announced, the initial tenders of which will be invited at the end of the month as expected.

Source: Xinhua,
Photo: MTI

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