Navracsics to join the election campaign

Hungary’s European Commissioner Tibor Navracsics is probably going to take part in the Hungarian election campaigns in 2018.

The Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport told Inforadio, that the Commissioners were expected not to take part in campaigns, but nowadays it’s accepted, and several colleagues of his take part in their party’s political campaigns.

In case he takes part in the Hungarian election campaign, he will probably do that in his hometown, Veszprem, but only as a guest, he won’t play an active role.

Navracsics said he considers himself a Hungarian politician committed to the European Union. He added that there can be differences in emphasis, but in order to succeed, national and European interests should match. The Commissioner didn’t attend Fidesz’s last congress, but he said it wasn’t a political decision, just an agenda issue.

Tibor Navracsics was previously asked about the Hungarian government’s national consultation, which suggests that the European Commission is implementing George Soros’s plan for mass immigration. The Commissioner went on record to say that no such plan is on the Commission’s agenda, and that the ‘Soros plan’ is more of a campaign slogan in Hungary. Recently, at a public forum he said that the Hungarian government builds its national consultation campaign on “a couple of articles”.

Hungary Journal

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