Visegrad: Close to Moscow, far from Brussels?

Hungary is one of the countries which “generously leaves scope” for Russia’s ambitions to expands its area of influence, according to Boris Kalnoky’s article for German daily Die Welt.

Kalnoky recalled that the West is very concerned about the growing Russian influence in Eastern Europe. According to Kalnoky, Russia’s goal is clear: Putin wants to expands its influence by weakening the EU and the NATO, so he supports anything, that strengthens nationalist policies or questions current borders. “It’s much less clear why some of the former victims of Russia’s policies open their gates for Putin”, Kalnoky wrote, adding that “the answer has pretty much related to money and corruption”.

Considering Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic he stressed that these countries put aside their “historical fears” to earn money with the Russian connection. The main point of Orban’s policies is to gain the biggest possible economic benefit with Russia, “without provoking a final break-up with the Americans”. Kalnoky added that the countries are ideologically close too, “Moscows nation state rhetorics go well with Central Eastern Europe’s attraction to national tones”.

Among the Visegrad Four countries there are some who feel that Moscow is closer to them than Brussels, which is moving away because of its ideas, such as the refugee quota, he wrote.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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