Lazar: Hungary not to back any step against Poland

The Minister Heading the Prime Minister’s Office, Janos Lazar addressed a number of questions at this weekly press conference, including the procedure against Poland, migration policy and economy.

The Hungarian government will not support any action against Poland, government office chief Janos Lazar said at his weekly press briefing on Thursday. The party groups that form a majority in the European Parliament on Wednesday adopted a resolution on the rule of law in Poland, and started preparations for the invocation of Article 7 of the EU Treaty.

“Launching a procedure of this kind is out of the question,” Lazar said. The European Parliament has attacked Poland and Polish independence while stepping beyond and abusing its powers, Lazar said.

“Budapest is prepared to take every possible step to help Warsaw,”

– he said.

Hungary stands by request for EU contribution to border fence

The European Commission should contribute to the costs of the fence Hungary installed along its border with Serbia at the onset of the migration crisis, the government office chief said. Lazar noted that the EC had rejected Hungary’s request for the EU to finance half of the costs of the border fence.

On another subject, Lazar said Prime Minister Viktor Orban will take part in a conference of EU leaders in Gothenburg in the coming days, focusing on the social aspects of the labour market. The EC likely believes that the EU’s social pillar should support migration, he said, adding that Hungary would never support this. “We believe it is European workers that should receive support.”

Hungarian economy improving

Hungary’s economic situation is looking increasingly bright, Lazar said. Detailing a recent report by Economy Minister Mihaly Varga, Lazar said: “Hungary is continuously doing better, economic growth is higher than the European Union average and we can expect significant growth over the remainder of the year as well.” Lazar also touched on public debt reduction, saying that the government expects Hungary’s debt-to-GDP ratio to fall below 70 percent by 2019.

On the topic of the 12,000 forint (EUR 38) year-end premium promised to pensioners, the government office chief said pensioners should also benefit from the country’s success. He also confirmed that the national postal service will begin preparations for delivering the end-of-year bonus of 10,000 forints in Erzsebet vouchers to pensioners at the end of the month.

Source and photo: MTI


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