Israel and Hungary agree on the importance of identity and sovereignty

Hungary’s national identity and sovereignty are “not just parts of its history” but “crucial preconditions” for the nation’s survival, Zsolt Nemeth, the head of parliament’s foreign affairs committee, told a conference on links between the Visegrad countries and Israel in Budapest on Wednesday. 

In his address, Nemeth called Israel “an outpost of democracy in the Middle East” in an environment which “lacks European values which are fundamental for building democracy”. Nemeth also confirmed the Hungarian government’s commitment to ensuring protection for Hungary’s Jewish community.

Eytan Gilboa, head of the Israel Public Diplomacy Forum, said that the European Union, and especially Germany and France failed to understand developments in the Middle East and declined to cooperate with Israel. That is why, he said, cooperation with the Visegrad countries — Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic — could be useful.

The conference was organised by the Szazadveg Foundation and the Israel Public Diplomacy Forum.

Source: MTI


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