Fidesz: Wikström report extremely dangerous

“Now we see the scope of the Soros network’s influence in Brussels”, Balazs Hidveghi, communications director of Fidesz said after a broad majority of MEPs endorsed the European Parliament’s mandate to start talks on revamping the Dublin system, drawn up by the LIBE committee, in a vote on Thursday (390 to 175, with 44 abstentions). The Parliament can now begin talks with the Council.

According to the EP’s press release, “the proposed changes to the Dublin rules aim to remedy weaknesses in the current system and ensure that all EU countries accept their fair share of responsibility for hosting asylum seekers in the EU. Under the reform, the country in which an asylum seeker first arrives would no longer be automatically responsible for processing his or her asylum application. Instead, asylum seekers should be shared among all EU countries, by being swiftly and automatically relocated to another EU country. EU member states that do not accept their fair share of asylum seekers should face the risk of having their access to EU funds reduced”.

The Dublin system is the EU law that determines which EU country is responsible for processing an application for international protection. The right to apply for asylum is laid down in the Geneva Convention, which all EU member states have signed and which has been incorporated in the EU Treaties. The decision by the LIBE committee to open talks with the Council was announced at the opening of the session in Strasbourg on Monday. Since more than 76 members objected to the decision by midnight on Tuesday, a vote on the mandate had to be added to the agenda. MEPs of Hungary’s ruling Fidesz-KDNP alliance were among those who objected to the decision.

On Thursday, Fidesz-KDNP and Jobbik MEPs rejected the mandate, politicians of the Democratic Coalition (DK – S&D), Szanyi Tibor (MSZP – S&D) and Benedek Javor (PM – Greens/EFA) voted yes, while Istvan Ujhelyi (MSZP – S&D) abstained.

According to Hidveghi the Soros influence is clear, as the report which the EP supports has many elements of George Soros’s migration plan. The Fidesz politician called the Wikström report an “extremely dangerous pro-immigration proposal”. He stressed that the automatic, unlimited quota is completely unacceptable for the Hungarian government. Hidveghi highlighted that the proposal endorses illegal mass immigration and would seriously harm Europe’s security.

Source: Hungary Journal


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