Fidesz still the most disapproved party

According to a recent poll by the Iranytu Institute Fidesz-KNDP is the most disapproved party, 28 percent would definitely not choose the ruling alliance.

The second most rejected party is the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) with 18 percent, and the third is Jobbik with 15 percent. 11 percent wouldn’t vote for Ferenc Gyurcsany’s Democratic Coalition (DK), and smaller parties have 1-2 percent disapproval ratings.

The poll shows that the ruling alliance has the highest disapproval rating among all voter groups, except for of course supporters of the government and those who didn’t disclose their party preference. Fidesz-KNDP’s disapproval rating was higher, 31 percent in September.

Green opposition party Politics Can be Different (LMP) received 13 percent in secondary party preferences, which means they have the biggest reserves. Jobbik stands on 11 percent in this regard. The relative majority of Momentum, DK and Jobbik voters would vote for LMP, while the relative majority of MSZP voters would vote for DK. 22 percent of Fidesz-KNDP voters would vote for Jobbik, and 13 for LMP.

Compared to the 2014 elections, it’s Fidesz-KNDP that managed to keep most – 80 percent – of its base. Jobbik has kept 63 percent of its voters, 14 percent now support Fidesz and 11 percent are confused. The relative majority – 26 percent – of those who supported the left-wing alliance in 2014, would vote for DK, 13 percent for MSZP, 9-9 for LMP and Jobbik.

Hungary Journal


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