Hungary’s pharmaceutical aid to a hospital in Iraq

Volunteer doctors of St Joseph Hospital in Erbil thanked the Hungarian government for its help in a recent video published by Peter Heltai, the Ambassador of the Hungary Helps programme.

“It was very moving to meet these young volunteer doctors of St Joseph Hospital in Erbil. They cure thousands of refugees monthly for free, tirelessly thinking on how they could help more,”

– Heltai wrote in his Facebook post.

In May, the Hungarian government announced that it will finance the pharmaceuticals requirements of St. Joseph’s Clinic Erbil, which is treating Iraqi Christians, for a period of six months. The 145 million forint (EUR 470,000) financing agreement was signed by Minister of Human Capacities Zoltan Balog and Archbishop of Erbil Bashar Matti Warda.

At the St. Joseph’s Clinic, which was founded by the Chaldean Catholic Archdiocese of Erbil, refugees are treated free of charge by 12 doctors, some of whom are also themselves refugees, Balog told the press. “One-hundred and twenty chronic and ninety acute patients are treated every day, in addition to which the clinic also provides a further two thousand people with medicine”, he added.

Balog stressed that he knows the assistance provided by the Hungarian Government is “a drop in the ocean”, but hopes that the provision of aid also bears a message: it indicates that “we are aware of the suffering that people living in the Middle East are having to endure, and especially Christians”.

Source: Hungary Journal/Facebook/

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