Fidesz gains more support – poll

Fidesz’s demise – when polls showed a 8 percent fall among decided voters – is over, Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet writes based on a recent poll by the Iranytu Institute.

Among decided voters the ruling Fidesz/KNDP alliance gained 6 percent in October, and now stands at 49 percent. Support for the strongest opposition party Jobbik hasn’t changed, they’re still at 22 percent. The resignation of Socialist PM candidate Laszlo Botka didn’t help the Socialist Party (MSZP), their support fell from 11 to 7 percent.

Two other parties would enter the parliament: Democratic Coalition (DK), left-liberal party of Hungary’s former PM Ferenc Gyurcsany stands on 7 percent (8 percent in September), and the green Politics Can be Different (LMP), which stands on 8 percent (7 percent in September). Left-liberal parties Momentum (3 percent), Together (Együtt – 1 percent), Dialogue (Parbeszed – 1 percent), and joke party Hungarian Two-tailed Dog Party (MKKP -1 percent) wouldn’t reach the 5-percent threshold.

Among all voters, Fidesz stands at 34 percent, Jobbik at 17 percent, LMP at 6 percent. MSZP is at 6 percent – this is the lowest result Iranytu has ever polled for the socialists. DK has 5 percent, Momentum 3 percent, Together, Dialogue and MKKP stand at 1 percent.

Hungary Journal


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