Will Orban sign the social pillar? – Ujhelyi

Hungarian socialist MEP Istvan Ujhelyi called this week’s Social Summit in Gothenburg an event of “historic importance”, adding that if the participants accept the European Pillar of Social Rights, it will be a principal element of a more fair and socially sensitive Europe.

Ujhelyi stressed in his newsletter on Sunday that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban doesn’t support the “social pillar”, because he sees it as some “Brussels’ trick” to harm Hungary’s national sovereignty. The politician said that the Orban government doesn’t want to accept the social pillar because they don’t want anyone to tell them how they should ensure a decent living for Hungarian working people.

“Fidesz wants no European minimum wage, no European minimum pension, no unified health insurance and unemployment insurance”,

– Ujhelyi stressed.

According to the socialist politician in Gothenburg the Hungarian government will have the chance to show support for the social pillar and the common European goals, but it’s possible that Orban won’t want to be part of the social Europe and this way he will exclude Hungary from it too.

On the other hand, Istvan Ujhelyi’s party – MSZP – doesn’t support the Wage Union European citizens’ initiative, which aims to create a more fair European Union, to raise Eastern European wages to Western level.

Hungary Journal


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