Balog: It’s not our world that Soros supports

According to the minister of human capacities George Soros “is not supporting our world”. Zoltan Balog said that Soros’s concept about open societies means “we should let in anything coming from the world, without telling us what moral ground anyone has to come here and think they can take what we have”.

The minister explained at a public forum about the government’s national consultation in Budapest’s 17th district on Friday, that the goal of the “Soros plan” is to bring one million migrants to Europe. Balog added that the most dangerous aspect is not that “a billionaire has such plans”, but that a whole system of institutions supports it.

“The European Parliament supports resettlement programmes which are in line with Soros’s plan,”

– he explained. Balog reminded that according to a leaked document 226 MEPs in the European Parliament are listed as Soros’s reliable allies. The minister also warned that while Hungary’s border fence protects the country from illegal immigration, Soros considers national borders are obstacles of open societies.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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