Simicsko: Hungary among the safest countries

Hungary is currently one of the safest countries in the world thanks to policies that focus on protecting its and Europe’s borders, Defence Minister Istvan Simicsko said in Brussels on Thursday after a two-day meeting of NATO ministers.

Hungary has also successfully maintained internal security, he said.

Concerted action is needed to surmount the challenges posed by illegal migration and terrorism, which have resulted in heightened threats to Europe in the past two years, Simicsko said. This means augmenting NATO’s presence in all crisis areas which are sources of illegal migration and terrorism, he said.

In the wake of Thursday’s decision to boost NATO’s presence in Afghanistan, Hungary will examine the possibility of fortifying its contingent of 100 troops by 10 to 15 soldiers. He said that the current situation in Afghanistan made it vitally important to support stability there.

Hungary is participating in UN, EU and NATO missions with a total staff of around 1,000. In proportion to the country’s size, this is a significant contribution to international efforts, he added.

Source and photo: MTI

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