Ader: Energy supplies are a basic requirement for social peace

Shortage of water and food could put social peace in jeopardy, President Janos Ader said at the opening of the World Science Forum meeting near the Dead Sea on Tuesday.

The 8th World Science Forum, hosted by Jordan, focuses on food safety, water and energy. Energy supplies are a basic requirement for social peace in the 21st century because the infrastructure cannot be operated without energy, Ader said. Stoppage in energy supplies could bring about a collapse of society and lead to wars, he added, arguing that it is reasonable to ask how science could help with solving the problem.

A total of 2 billion people have no access to clean drinking water and the per capita water supply is below critical level in 36 countries around the world, with some 80 percent of sewage not getting treated before it is returned to nature, Ader said. Mankind should break out of the vicious circle represented by growing population, decreasing per capita water supplies  and the deterioration of farm land, he said stressing the need to find ways to improve energy efficiency and store unused solar and wind energy with the help of effective and environmentally sound methods.

Concluding his presentation, Ader cited former US businessman Henry Ford as saying that “coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

Source and photo: MTI


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