Alain de Benoist: Hungarians elected Orban to protect Hungary

French philosopher Alain de Benoist, founder of the Nouvelle Droite (New Right), and head of the French think tank GRECE talked about French politics, Donald Trump, identitarian ideas, the New Right, Pope Francis and Hungarian politics as well in an interview with Hungarian site Mandiner.

Alain de Benoist said he’s been watching Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s activity with great interest and sympathy.

“By criticising the suicidal migration policy which the EU institutions accepted against the will of the people, and which he bravely protested, Viktor Orban proved that first of all he cares about the fate of his people. He knows well that Hungarians elected him to protect Hungary, its identity and security, and not to implement the harmful Western ideologies,”

– he stressed.

According to Alain de Benoist European cooperation has been acting against common sense by putting emphasis on economy and trade, instead of politics and culture. The philosopher – who heavily criticised the EU institutions – said the Visegrad Group is a great idea, which reminds of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and that their cooperation can counterweight the Western states.

Hungary Journal

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