Laundromat: Jobbik demands investigation

Authorities are trying to put a gloss on the truth in connection with alleged Hungarian links “in the Azeri corruption network”, opposition party Jobbik said on Thursday.

According to an international press organisation, Azerbaijan transferred a total of 2.9 billion dollars for alleged corruption purposes to various countries between 2012 and 2014, out of which amount 7.6 million dollars of this went to the bank accounts of three companies in Hungary, the party’s deputy group leader told a press conference. The transfers were made after Hungary extradited an Azeri soldier who had been imprisoned in Hungary for killing an Armenian soldier with an axe, and on his return to his homeland, the Azeri soldier was immediately freed with a presidential pardon.

Gabor Staudt said the Budapest public prosecutor’s office had rejected a report filed for alleged neglect of reporting linked to money laundering. The office said the neglect of reporting had lapsed and a supplementary information was requested in connection with the alleged money laundering case.

Staudt said it would have been the task of police and the public prosecutor’s office to launch an investigation and scrutinise the subject accounts.

Source and photo: MTI

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