Budapest Declaration calls for urgent action to help persecuted Christians

The Deputy State Secretariat For The Aid Of Persecuted Christians at the Hungarian Ministry of Human Capacities released the Budapest Declaration, adopted at the “International conference on the Persecution of Christians – Seeking Answers to a Long-neglected Crisis” on October 11-13 in Budapest.

“The widespread support for the document is evident from the fact that the conference was attended by delegates from 32 countries on four continents, including ten high-ranking church officials”, the Ministry stressed on its website.

According to the Budapest Declaration – full text here -, the participants of the conference “express their deepest solidarity towards those Christian and other religious minorities around the world that are being persecuted”, “recognise the Hungarian government’s actions in support of persecuted Christians and other religious minorities, as well as the similar actions of other governments”, and “condemn any action aimed at denying or curtailing the free exercising of basic human rights, with particular emphasis on violations of religious freedom”.

The document stresses that “the barbarian acts committed by the terrorist organisation calling itself the Islamic State, or any other similar terrorist organisations or militias, amount to crimes against humanity and war crimes”.

The participants “urge common action on behalf of the world’s governments and international organisations to end atrocities against Christians and other religious minorities, and to implement immediate and concrete measures in accordance with that goal”, and “call for the support of political, economic and security solutions that will allow Christians or refugees belonging to other religious minorities to return to their home countries”.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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