Economist: Soros is only politically liberal

There’s no actual relation between George Soros’s political ideas and his economic activities, a senior fellow at Oxford University, Hungarian economist Peter Rona stated in an op-ed for Magyar Nemzet.

According to Rona, it’s not true that Soros has been working on the destruction of the Hungarian, or any other state. He added that Soros rejected President Clinton’s financial deregulation, especially the repeal of the Glass-Steagall legislation, harshly criticised the EU’s pro-banking policies against Greece and stood up for the regulating responsibility of the state.

The economist stressed that the debate around Soros shows the classic mistake of confusing political liberalism with economic liberalism. According to Rona, Soros is liberal in a political and cultural sense, but he rejects economic liberalism which puts the free market above everything.
Hungary Journal

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