Hungary fights fake honey in EU

The European Parliament will soon discuss a subject which Hungary, as the third biggest producer of honey, deems important but which also has a salient impact on agriculture and the environment throughout the bloc.

The Hungarian initiative seeks to address problems faced by beekeepers across the EU, MEP Norbert Erdos, of the ruling Fidesz party, said on Sunday. The European Parliament’s professional committees are currently discussing the Hungarian report which is expected to go before the agricultural committee in November, Erdos, who submitted the report, told a press conference.

Imported Chinese honey of often dubious origin is causing Hungarian and other European beekeepers a headache, he said, adding that proposals include tightening controls of honey imports and banning filtering and the addition of synthetic resin with a view to concealing the product’s geographical origin.

Erdos said almost 500 amendment proposals have been submitted to the report by MEPs, indicating the significance of the issue.


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