Hungarian MEP: Protect borders, stop people smuggling

In order to eliminate people smuggling, illegal migration must be stopped outside the EU’s borders, Hungarian MEP Kinga Gal said at the European Parliament’s debate on “The fight against illegal immigration and people smuggling in the Mediterranean” on Wednesday.

According to the ruling Fidesz party’s politician – and vice-president of the European People’s Party – the current and the now discussed asylum system helps the smugglers, because the mandatory quota is interpreted as an invitation for hundred-thousands of illegal immigrants. Gal urged the establishment of an effective asylum system which makes it possible to separate economic migrants and real refugees before they enter the EU.

“We have to make it crystal clear that only genuine refugees can enter the EU’s territory. Any other solution will be an invitation for hundred-thousands of illegal migrants,”

– she stressed. Gal added that hotspots outside should be opened outside the EU where asylum requests can be processed, and the EU must protect its borders and help the member states with external borders.

Hungary Journal

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